by Within Blood

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released October 1, 1999

Music by Brad Johnson, Matt Maunder, Jace, Dave Jiannis and Llobby Lloydos




Within Blood Melbourne, Australia

Formed in 1998, by members of Mindsnare, Ultimatum, Grim Reality & In:Extremis, with the goal of playing straight up hardcore to combat the oncoming wave of metal & fashion core that was starting to appear. WithinBlood played solidly until finishing up in 2003 & then reunited in 2010 @ The Arty. Members went on to form Samsara, HitList & HigherPower. Another reunion is not out of the question. ... more

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Track Name: Ourselves
Jealousy forced us apart, hatred hemmed us in, but there's still time to work things out, I'll always do what I think is right, never setting out to hurt anyone, we all have our own rules, that's what sets us apart, can we help ourselves, can we be ourselves, will it be the end, when we give up on ourselves? When we give up on ourselves, when we give up on us, ourselves, in our heart we know what's right, in our minds we're there we're setting sights, we know what's ours to take, we'll take it anyway.
Track Name: Spirit of 99
Broken idols fell so hard, cluttered remains litter my path, if it's not your true self, you're better off somewhere else, you come to me saying so much, you are so loud, but will you remain, through darkness through all the mess, so many come and have gone, you made no ground, you fell behind and you don't seem to exist now, so hard to see the true, but to those who do shine through, taking all you can, take all you can, to those who've done their time, struggle through hard times, keep on shining through, take all you can.
Track Name: Watching Out
Now's the time to grab on tight, so tight to what you've got, keep an eye out for what's right and what is not, I know some things don't work out right, sometimes I feel we gotta fight, cause everything is moving so fast and I don't know if I'm gonna last, seems like I'm out of breath, feels like I'm falling short again, no breath left, falling short, about to break down, no chance left.
Track Name: Sneaky D's
I don't know why you even talk that shit, I know you don't mean a word of it, shallow like the grave I'd like to see you in, I think you should go back to the beginning, learn the basics, times come around, learn to face it, what's going on? With not one fazoo to your name, you're the only one left to fucking blame, digging fucking holes and filling them with lies, then you turn around and put on a disguise, I won't be at peace 'til people see you, for what you really are, joke!
Track Name: Last Words Said
Before you know there's people coming down on you, you'll always get what's coming, a wake up call, and when it comes you know you need it, like a wake up call you know you need, it's coming right, what's coming next, it's coming now, truth rings loud, as people choose their fate, some just come, unannounced, vicious and repetitive until your lesson's learned, be careful of what is coming from your mouth, before you know you'll be the one they talked about
Track Name: Won't Turn Back
Down so fucking deep, I wanna leave you so alone, I choose to never turn your way again, never to lean on you ever again, never repeating what we once had, there is no one left to turn your way, you just faked your way through this whole game, you pushed the door now it's time to pay the fee, it's him against them and you against me.
Track Name: Lesson
Where is the sun that kept us so warm, gone are the days that were so secure, searching around I take it all in, where I have been I know I'm going, pick myself up, put a few things right, forget about the things that are wasting my time, never again will I level myself, for the sake of having feelings for somebody else, it's so hard to grab a hold, never gonna let it bring me down again, again, again.
Track Name: Vision
Looking down I'm looking down, and things don't really look so clear, skinning knuckles day after day, I do nothing but seek redemption, full steam ahead, what counts in your life, full steam ahead, relying on nobody else, full steam ahead, doing what you gotta do, full steam ahead, I won't slow down for you again, you can see it written on my face, can I go on and keep up the pace, finding what you need to survive, are you finding things aren't working out? So here I am again, trying to get things right, tripping up again is there no one in sight? So here we are again, continue our fight, finding out again you and me aren't right, so bring it on - a conclusion!
Track Name: Offering
In the end represent, yourself in the end, meaning the world to you, your friends pull you through, we need all the help from those we have around, can I go this alone, my eyes are always open, an open mind - learn to use it, always open - you can count on it, your friend, should stand, right beside you, in the end represent what you stand for, in full shape, an instinct comes natural to not go underfoot, is it all for nothing? Words useless in the end, with all we achieve, a step backwards again, again, what will I hold in the end? I'll still fight me way, survive, I've fought so hard, I'll just go with what I think is right.
Track Name: Mark That You Left
I refuse to follow, the thin lines that you lay, never understood how you came to think that way, try yourself, ask yourself, how can you leave behind, force yourself, mould yourself, you just aren't the same and I don't know but you lost control, and I don't know you anymore, mark that you left, and just like that punch, in the back of the head, I could never trust a word that you said, I once followed but never again, the days are gone but the song remains.