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Captain Blood 7" Recorded in the same session as the album tracks.


released January 4, 2000

Music by Brad Johnson, Matt Maunder, Jace, Dave Jiannis and Llobby Lloydos




Within Blood Melbourne, Australia

Formed in 1998, by members of Mindsnare, Ultimatum, Grim Reality & In:Extremis, with the goal of playing straight up hardcore to combat the oncoming wave of metal & fashion core that was starting to appear. WithinBlood played solidly until finishing up in 2003 & then reunited in 2010 @ The Arty. Members went on to form Samsara, HitList & HigherPower. Another reunion is not out of the question. ... more

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Track Name: Within Blood
Side by side, destruction of everything constructed, it's up to us to take it on constructively, life is short, I can look behind, the constantly struggling life and times, motivation is to grab onto you, this is reality, these are my views, to dwell on you is all I've found, you are different, you are my kind, as days fell back to reveal, this thing we have for real, but my eyes are building, days seem long, but in the long run, will it make me strong? Directions come from all around, forcing me from all around, forcing me into the ground, you are always waiting and I know you're on my side, and when the time comes, I'll lean on you, 'til the end, we will decide, 'til the end.
Track Name: Failed Race
Life, as it lies before me, life, as it's meant to be, disfigured, dripping untruth, petrified existence, to survive a crumbled life, sometimes instinct is relied, moving imperfectly, catches up on me, drag me from this disgrace, slicing through a failed race, stagnation, I'm falling for, stagnation, we're falling for, alter - this world of delusion, sever - this weak streak, divide - from the stream, it holds me back, disgust remains intact, we must move on, we must, or witness stagnation.
Track Name: I Can't Ignore
Pinned down but shining through, to these feelings I've stayed true, try to drag me down with time, shining through, busting through, I won't retire, and I'm watching the hours crawl by, waiting for the day when my time is mine, time will come when I collect what I want, it's this freedom, I can't ignore, there's a few things that take their toll, existence beyond their control, persistence with all my might, week by week turns my time, there maybe a time when I'm full of regrets, struggle to survive to see what I get, in my strive for release, it's my life.
Track Name: Keep The Choice Wise
You don't know why you're here, just another ego trip, this is something we all fear, now you claim you're beyond, to those who started, that why I started, that's why we're still here, now we have lasted through quiet times, that's why we're still here, beyond why I started this, into something more, I started with emptiness, to move forward and explore, and I'm gonna make the most of this, make things turn out right, choose carefully your close friends, keep the choice wise.